Event Planning


Planning is key to any successful event. One reason the team at e3 has been in the industry for 35 years is because of planning. Our clients provide us with their goal and we come up with the plan on how to execute flawlessly. What have some of your biggest planning challenges been? #planning #event #training #challenge

Virtual Events

Why e3 for webinars?

One question that comes up a lot is why should I use e3 to produce my webinar?

When planning a webinar the primary focus is content. Who will your presenters be? How do you best to present your brand or product? What day and time works best for your attendees? Who will you invite?

With some many moving pieces why add more? A typical webinar for e3 involves multiple remote or local cameras, video playback, title graphics, lower thirds, records etc… You can leverage e3’s experience to make your event stand out, leaving you focus on content and clients.

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