Virtual Events

Will Virtual Events Survive After COVID?

Back in March of 2020 connection online became more important than ever. People have an innate need to connect with others for both business and social. As we got deeper into the pandemic more and more events moved into the virtual arena. e3 was one of the first to market with virtual graduations. Wanting to ensure the class of 2020 was recognized for their accomplishments e3 created low cost, high quality virtual events executing over 50 events in less than 30 days. These were not automated events each one was individually created by the production team at e3 and live streamed by a technician and moderators.

As we have moved through the pandemic virtual events have been evolving and becoming more sophisticated. We are now seeing live events with limited attendees combined with a virtual component for those who cannot attend. Will that continue to be the “new normal” in the events industry? Virtual events allow for a truly global audience not restricted by the cost or time it takes to travel to an in-person event. So yes, the pandemic made event producers and corporations see the benefits of virtual events and they will continue to be an integral part of events moving forward. #virtualevents #hybridevents #events