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Depth of Field

When talking webcams the one thing that never comes up is depth of field. Depth of field refers to sharpness of focus in front of and behind the subject of focus. Webcams are typically fixed lenses that don’t allow for adjustment of the iris or the focal length.

Things that affect your control over depth of field include the lens on the camera, the distance of the camera to the subject, and the distance from the subject to the background.

To achieve the best image possible we recommend using a DSLR camera that can hook directly to your computer. You might be able to achieve this with your current camera if it supports a USB connection. If you are looking for a cost effective camera the Canon EOS Rebel T100 with 18-55mm Lens Kit is a good choice.

Once connected you’ll want to put the camera in manual mode and adjust the f-stop to the smallest number and then focus. You will find the image quality will be significantly better than a built in webcam and if your background is far enough behind you it will be blurred out without having to use a filter.

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Audio Visual


We talk a lot about video and webinars lately, but did you know e3 also provides lighting and AV services? The team at e3 has been designing and implementing events for more than 35 years. In 1980 the Kliegl Performer lighting controller was released. Yes, that is a cassette tape to backup your show! What was your first event in the industry?

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