Virtual Events

Virtual Graduations

Last year e3 was honored to celebrate the class of 2020. In a little under 30 days e3 produced over 50 virtual graduations thanks to an amazing and dedicated team! We look forward to celebrating the class of 2021 which will most likely be a mix of virtual, drive-in and hybrid events this year. Above is our promo that ran last spring. Our 2021 promo is in the works!


Active Listening

Have you ever been in a conversation with someone where you feel a strong connection, that they are 100% invested in what you are saying? That is the power of active listening.

Some key tips to help you be an active listener*:

  • Neutral and nonjudgmental
  • Patient (periods of silence are not “filled”)
  • Verbal and nonverbal feedback to show signs of listening (e.g., smiling, eye contact, leaning in, mirroring)
  • Asking questions
  • Reflecting back what is said
  • Asking for clarification
  • Summarizing

On your next interview active listening will make the difference between it being a good interview or a great interview.

*Topornycky J, Golparian S. Balancing openness and interpretation in active listeningCollected Essays on Learning & Teaching. 2016;9:175-184.

Audio Visual Virtual Events

Depth of Field

When talking webcams the one thing that never comes up is depth of field. Depth of field refers to sharpness of focus in front of and behind the subject of focus. Webcams are typically fixed lenses that don’t allow for adjustment of the iris or the focal length.

Things that affect your control over depth of field include the lens on the camera, the distance of the camera to the subject, and the distance from the subject to the background.

To achieve the best image possible we recommend using a DSLR camera that can hook directly to your computer. You might be able to achieve this with your current camera if it supports a USB connection. If you are looking for a cost effective camera the Canon EOS Rebel T100 with 18-55mm Lens Kit is a good choice.

Once connected you’ll want to put the camera in manual mode and adjust the f-stop to the smallest number and then focus. You will find the image quality will be significantly better than a built in webcam and if your background is far enough behind you it will be blurred out without having to use a filter.

If you have any questions or you would like us to provide you with a professional setup for your next meeting feel free to email us at or call 516-388-5300

Event Planning


Planning is key to any successful event. One reason the team at e3 has been in the industry for 35 years is because of planning. Our clients provide us with their goal and we come up with the plan on how to execute flawlessly. What have some of your biggest planning challenges been? #planning #event #training #challenge

Virtual Events

Online Meeting Audio

Overlooked on many online meetings is audio. At times presenters can sound like they are far off in the distance.

A couple of tips for making yourself sound great!

Use the audio settings in your application. These can be found either next to the on screen microphone button (a little up arrow) or a gear icon elsewhere on the screen. In the settings you can adjust your mic level, the amount of noise reduction among other things. If you really want to up your audio game look into a USB or other external microphone.

If you have any questions just shoot us a message at

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Audio Visual


We talk a lot about video and webinars lately, but did you know e3 also provides lighting and AV services? The team at e3 has been designing and implementing events for more than 35 years. In 1980 the Kliegl Performer lighting controller was released. Yes, that is a cassette tape to backup your show! What was your first event in the industry?

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Virtual Events

Why e3 for webinars?

One question that comes up a lot is why should I use e3 to produce my webinar?

When planning a webinar the primary focus is content. Who will your presenters be? How do you best to present your brand or product? What day and time works best for your attendees? Who will you invite?

With some many moving pieces why add more? A typical webinar for e3 involves multiple remote or local cameras, video playback, title graphics, lower thirds, records etc… You can leverage e3’s experience to make your event stand out, leaving you focus on content and clients.

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#Monday Motivation

By now we have all been involved in a virtual meeting. Ever wonder why some people’s cameras look great while yours looks a bit flat? One tip for making your webcam look great is your lighting. Make sure your face is not in shadow. You can use a desk lamp and a window or purchase an LED ring light to really change how your cam looks online. For those big meetings where you need to look perfect e3 is here to help! We can come onsite with our cameras, lights and audio and make you look like the star you are! #virtualmeeting #webcam #lighting #zoom



Friday signifies the end of the work week for many. In events and production the work week never ends. Enjoy your weekend and you can rest easy knowing e3 is here for you 7 days a week! #event #production #weekend #enjoyweekend

Event Planning


As companies we often tell our clients and prospective clients what we have to offer. But today we want to know what are you looking for? Is there a problem that you have but the solution just doesn’t seem to exist? Do you have a vague idea or concept but just don’t know where to start?

Many times it is frustrating trying to identify or create a solution that fits your situation perfectly. At e3 we understand this frustration, but when it comes to problem solving we embrace the challenge.

So when it comes to production either live or virtual, is there something that you wish was easier or possible? We want to hear from you! Comment below or reach out to us through our website . #eventsolutions #hybridevents #LiveEvents #client #solution #production #create